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Sarah Morris of Magitha’s Boutique Wins Kitschy Mirror!

ImageThis is the winner of the Kitschy Mirror I gave away at the Kennedale Art in the Park show, Sarah Morris of Magitha’s Boutique.  Sarah is one of those people you LOVE to win things.  Like when they give something really cool away on the radio and you are trying to be the 325th caller and then all of a sudden they answer the phone and they are not talking to you.  So as you hear the DJ give away a month vacation in Paris, France (not Texas) all expenses paid and a $10,000 spending spree at the fashion houses, you can hardly believe your ears (and neither can the DJ) when the winner is totally underwhelmed.  “You mean, I didn’t win the Incubus tickets, man?”  “Okay, wrong station, sir” and the DJ cuts to a commercial.  Well this is NOT the case with Sarah.  People were coming to my booth and saying “Did someone win the mirror????!!!!!”  Sarah is joy compacted in a cute, energy packed bundle of blonde fun.  She and her darling partner and best friend Megan Childers own and operate “Magitha’s Boutique”, a fun, kitchy, blingy, frilly, little business that has anything from little baby girl headbands to tutu’s to gorgeous big girl BLING jewelry!  Well, there’s just too much to list here so visit them and book a party!  We will be partnering soon for a Mosaic Art Party/Magitha Party and it will be a BLAST!  These girls turn every occasion into a big, ol’ hulabaloo and they are MY kind of folks!