Mixed Media Acoustic Guitar       This is the one that started it all. 

After taking about 10 months off from anything but taking care of my dad in the last stages of cancer and my 11 year old daughter, Gracie, I found at the end of it all, I was left with nothing to do.  I’d worked in real estate for 25 years.  I didn’t know HOW to be a stay at home mom.  It freaked me out!  To me, everyday was Saturday because since I was about 16, your day off was Saturday and you got to lay around and play music and create art and maybe even read a book or something.   I also had a lot of stuff left over from a jewelry making stint that I loved, but had to quit when Daddy got sick.  I had an old guitar old John Brinkman sold me from over there at Waco Vintage Music in Mansfield.  He gave me a good deal, too…I think $40 or so.  It was just a little old practice guitar.  I started looking at that guitar and I thought how cool it would look with this design I had on it.  It all began with the yellow sun, then the orange and white polka dot china pieces.  After that, it was a meditation and had a life of its own.  It was rearranging my thought process.  I was released from many things since my father was so intertwined in my life.  Anything of which he’d been involved was resolved because he no longer existed to participate physically.  However!!  If I continued to rent space in my head to past issues, old hurts, bad patches and disappointments, then he was participating mentally!  And this affected me spiritually.  So as I tediously embellished the wonderful guitar from dear John, I felt the love and creativity that was part of my DNA finally get brave enough to start to grow and flourish and take on a beautiful creation I have named “Konfuzed Kowgirl”.  I think the orange and white polka dots reminded me of a country dress and well, I’m the Konfused Kowgirl.  I have other guitars that were done afterward and none took near the time it took me to make KayKay.  Four months of planning, working, cutting, drying, setting, placing each bead…..and it all went away with every passing hour.

Please take a look at my work at http://www.barefootintheglass.com.  I love to do personally ordered stained glass windows, lanterns, crosses or guitars (I do electric guitars too!).  Or contact me if you would like to learn mosaic glass and mixed media art and make your own guitar!  I offer classes and home “Nippin’ Chicks Glass Parties” where we get together and create a piece of art and enjoy a beverage and go home with a real work of art!












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