Etsy Fort Worth – Craft Challenge using a shoe

 Mixed Media ungrouted repurposed shoe

Anyone who knows me, knows my history, or has seen my closet will understand that if I start using my ‘extra’ shoes as the ‘canvas’ for my mosaic art designs, I will engrave the monicker “Shoe Lady” forever on my forehead!

So we begin with a classic low heeled mule.  I believe this was a pair of gold fabric mules with beading and sequins all over them.  Fabulous and worn to a nub (almost).  Despairing over throwing such beauties away, I decided to turn them into art so I could keep them, display them and yes, even sell them!

To create a mosaic shoe:
Supplies –
Old Shoe
Black Esso
Mirrored mosaic squares, beads, baubles, assorted glass pieces and other found objects
MAC Glue (

First, stuff newspaper or some other substantial paper into the toe of the shoe to help it keep its shape once the clay has been applied.  The shoe will end up a LOT heavier than it began, so this is important.  You don’t want a lumpy or collapsed shoe!

Now cover the entire shoe with clay.  I used Sculpey clay that can be oven baked to set.  

Paint entire baked and cured shoe with black esso or some other sealant.

Now begin using your goodies to embellish your shoe, using MAC glue to hold them in place.  MAC glue dries clear, is lightweight enough for delicate objects and is water proof and weather proof.

Depending on your method of mosaic, whether mixed media or glass, you may need to grout.  If grouting, allow glue on shoe to cure for at least 48 hours.  Then mix your grout as per the directions (I use sanded poly-blend grout).  Grout, wipe down, clean and let cure for 72 hours.

Once your project has fully cured, seal it all in Modge Podge to maintain the beauty and keep moisture and dust out.


Glass Mosaic shoe with grout

About barefootintheglass

I've been an artist at heart since my memories started. I love color, light, the unusual, the emotional and since I also enjoy puzzles, mosaic became my LOVE. Stained glass free form mosaics are my favorite, but anything I can 'create' is what I'm into. I'm a mom who is finally living my dream of doing art full time. It's a "lonely road of faith" sometimes, but it is my passion. My website is and I am happy to make commissioned works and special orders. I also offer classes for all ages and my new "Nippin' Chicks Glass parties" so contact me through my website or email and let's get our glass in gear!

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