How do you like my new logo?  It was done, free of charge, by a person I have never met in Canada.  How we ended up together in the creation of my logo is a complicated affair, yet really quite simple.  Someone shared my website.  Through the simple click of a mouse, my website was shared with who-knows-how-many people and I got a response from a gentleman in Canada who shared with me, HIS new logo.  I expressed how much I liked it and he ‘hooked me up’ through facebook with Diablo.  Diablo is a musician and an artist!  He is just getting his feet wet with digital art, so he used my logo to spread his wings, so to speak.  I offered to send him a piece of art for his work as well as spread the word of his expertise in translating a clients’ needs and obscure descriptions of their wants into a viable, beautiful logo.  

I am encouraging Diablo to pursue his art.  As all artists in the beginning, he doubts his skill, is unsure of his talent and just needs a bit of encouragement to ‘go for it’!  If we all could just give a little encouragement and praise to each other, it would be amazing what we could accomplish.  This piece of time we are living in is a pretty cold, unforgiving place where speed, short-cuts, and instant gratification rule the day.  I have seen a trend among those of us who have been hit by the economic plunge in that we are, through necessity sometimes, being forced to find alternate means of income.  I learned a long time ago not to put all my eggs in one basket.  That the key to financial independence and success is to have multiple streams of income.  They don’t have to be large sources, just steady and many.  I also believe that we are learning to use what we have, save our excesses and create out of necessity.  I remember the days of shopping at the mall for recreation.  Oh, the blissful high of acquiring ‘stuff’.  My closet is full of clothes that don’t get worn, shoes that take up space and other assorted items that probably should be donated or recycled.  My older children remember shopping as sport (as I like to call it).  My youngest has learned the art of thrift shopping.  I get more of a ‘shopping buzz’ getting a great bargain at a thrift store than any sale item find at the mall.  It amazes me how often I find designer items, with tags, in the Goodwills and Thrift Towns of the world.  Repurposing has taken recycling to the next level, friends!  I remember as a teenager going to the thrift store as a lark.  We would go buy a ‘bag of jeans’ to repurpose into purses, etc. for something to do over the summer.  However, we would not have been caught DEAD wearing anything bought second hand.  I guess I’ve always been a hippie at heart.  I’ve embroidered my cut-off jeans.  I’ve worn gauzy shirts.  I’ve worn bell-bottoms and halter tops.  I have resumed wearing my hair long, straight and parted down the middle.  Oh, how my mother hated my hair that way!  I see the potential of old furniture by the curbs in the neighborhood and no longer feel the slightest bit embarrassed to stop and haul it away hanging from the trunk of my smallish car.  While a car payment is NOT in my future, I sure wish a truck was!  My son just bought a van.  A rather large van.  You know, I bet I could get a lot of treasure in that thing and it IS trash day in my neighborhood.  Oh ye wasteful souls….your trash is my next art project!  The word for today, March 19, 2012, is….SHARE!  Blessings!


About barefootintheglass

I've been an artist at heart since my memories started. I love color, light, the unusual, the emotional and since I also enjoy puzzles, mosaic became my LOVE. Stained glass free form mosaics are my favorite, but anything I can 'create' is what I'm into. I'm a mom who is finally living my dream of doing art full time. It's a "lonely road of faith" sometimes, but it is my passion. My website is and I am happy to make commissioned works and special orders. I also offer classes for all ages and my new "Nippin' Chicks Glass parties" so contact me through my website or email and let's get our glass in gear!

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