Shop Local – Keep the mom and pop’s in business!


Keep the Mom and Pop’s in BizRiva’s Mexican Restaurant in River Oaks, Texas is THE place to be on Friday nights (or any night, really).  Fresh homemade food and family atmosphere!  Delicioso!  And tonight, an added delight!  Gustavo Saucedo was there as a one man show and he was WONDERFUL!  Riva’s at

Tell them Lisa Anderson, the artist, sent you!  I need to make them a stained glass window to go with the pretty mural on their wall.  Oh and they have a party room, margaritas and happy hour!  Holla!!


About barefootintheglass

I've been an artist at heart since my memories started. I love color, light, the unusual, the emotional and since I also enjoy puzzles, mosaic became my LOVE. Stained glass free form mosaics are my favorite, but anything I can 'create' is what I'm into. I'm a mom who is finally living my dream of doing art full time. It's a "lonely road of faith" sometimes, but it is my passion. My website is and I am happy to make commissioned works and special orders. I also offer classes for all ages and my new "Nippin' Chicks Glass parties" so contact me through my website or email and let's get our glass in gear!

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