Addicted to Glass

Oddly, I just LOVE everything about GLASS!  I love to look at it, look through it, cut it, shape it, glue it, grout it and even when I break something, that sound of shattering glass is actually soothing rather than a “OH NO!”  I remember growing up, if someone broke a glass my mom or dad were panicked!  “Get back, everyone!!!!  There’s glass everywhere!!”  Then out would come the broom, vacuum cleaner and we were banished for what seemed like hours while what we considered the HAZMAT team cleaned up the glass.  I suppose I’m just a little bit rebellious (okay, a lot!) but now I actually cut little tiny bits of glass as I’m making circles and other intricate shapes barefoot!  I walk around barefoot with little bits of glass everywhere!  I have made friends with the glass.  Sometimes it likes to give me a little nip in the foot or a slice on the finger….but hey, that’s what band-aids are for!  I wear them as a badge of honor which announces to the world (in my little mind it does) that I am a glass artist.  Ah, to embrace that title ‘artist’.  Yes, it’s okay to be an artist.  I was a real estate agent.  I am a mom.  I am an artist.  It’s part of my grand design.  My daddy was an artist.  My grandmother was an artist.  I meet so many people that respond to my work and I can honestly tell they are artists in hiding.  My goal is to bring out the artist in you!  Classes coming soon!

About barefootintheglass

I've been an artist at heart since my memories started. I love color, light, the unusual, the emotional and since I also enjoy puzzles, mosaic became my LOVE. Stained glass free form mosaics are my favorite, but anything I can 'create' is what I'm into. I'm a mom who is finally living my dream of doing art full time. It's a "lonely road of faith" sometimes, but it is my passion. My website is and I am happy to make commissioned works and special orders. I also offer classes for all ages and my new "Nippin' Chicks Glass parties" so contact me through my website or email and let's get our glass in gear!

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  1. You took the words right out of my mouth…I enjoy receiving your fb posts and I love your pics…I am an artist, I love glass and hippies too! Check out Beadle-Dee, I show work there…Maunda

    • It’s hard to explain, isn’t it? My new puppy could be an artist, she keeps picking up baubles and beads out of my containers while I work (on the floor). I think she may have to have a play pen!

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